No Job Offer

We have currently no position open.

In general we are looking for:

Medicinal Chemist

Chemists with long-term experiences and outstanding skills in:

  • Medicinal Chemistry: Development of new scaffolds for active pharmaceuticals or cosmetical ingredients
  • Synthesis development of pharmaceutical compounds (from literature research up to processing and optimization
  • HPLC-MS analytics
  • Preparative HPLC-MS

In case you would like to join our team:

Please send job applications preferred in PDF format to

Highest Quality and Competitive Price-Performance Ratio!

  • We supply high-quality compounds and services, both at world-wide competitive prices.
  • Our quality is based on competence and experience obtained from many years being in industrial pharmaceutical and agrochemical research.
  • All our compounds are provided with HPLC-MS / H-NMR analytics as standard feature.
  • Confidentiality on all projects is taken for granted.